A world just for shes

SuperShe is an entire world made just for shes – right at your fingertips. It’s the only uncensored community for shes and the #1 app for intersectional feminism. Users can learn new things, teach others new skills, and meet shes from around the world, without the censorship of other apps or the watchful eye of men.

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  • Entertaining articles and discussion boards about stuff you’re into or are dying to know about
  • Members have unlimited access to fresh daily video content—both live and pre-recorded, available for up to 1 week—created by featured SuperShe experts, offering key insights across various trending topics; there’s something for everyone


  • Members can write their own articles, stories, or lead discussions
  • Members can post their own video content and schedule live videos
  • Members can add upcoming classes to their schedules to keep track of their faves


  • Chat, audio call, and video call with up to 6 SuperShes at once
  • Location services let you see SuperShes in your city or anywhere in the world
  • Customizable member profiles
  • Ability to follow other members
  • Ability to like, dislike, comment, and reply to comments on all posts
  • Community monitoring for harmful, abusive, or offensive content and comments

"For centuries, men have had their cigar clubs and golf resorts, where they can talk amongst themselves, Roth says. And in just the same way, there are topics women prefer to discuss only in the company of women."


"The Empowering Kehlani-Approved App You Have To Download ASAP"


"Finally, all the stuff I want in one place. Thank you SuperShe!"

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We believe that self-powered is your superpower.

In short: you’re already awesome, and you’ve got that sugar, spice, and everything naughty and nice to do and get what you want in this life. So we’re not here to sell you products that promise the world and that you don’t need. And we’re definitely not here to tell you how to live your life or try to change anything about you. We are here to plunge you headfirst into a community of millions of people who identify as she and to give you the resources to stay healthy in this crazy world.

Our Mission

SuperShe’s mission is to give anyone who identifies as she anywhere in the world a safe and uncensored place to learn new things, teach others new ideas or skills, share her story, and meet other shes who she would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise….

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SuperShe Island

SuperShe Island is the official physical touchpoint of the SuperShe community. It’s a private island just for shes, tucked away in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Finland. You can book a getaway for you and your group today.