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SuperShe is taking care of you from the inside out.

This winter 6 SuperShe’s flew to Oahu, Hawaii for what they thought would be a week of sunshine, healthy living & eating, kiteboarding, surfing, fitness, yoga, hiking, and aloha.

But alongside all of those things, what truly came of it was even better. These women found themselves in Hawaii with other women that were world-travelers, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, filmers, fitness coaches, former Olympians, pro-athletes, and doing all of this while simultaneously leading a fit, fun, and fascinating lifestyle. Each one walked away feeling fresh, fit, inspired, and connected to newfound friendships like they never had before.

While in Hawaii, SuperShe Lana Mikheeva former Russian Olympian and founder of Body by Lana, prepared nourishing meals from a hearty buckwheat honey porridge for breakfast for an action packed day to sweet coconut butter snacks for after your kiteboarding session. We’re sharing the healthy Hawaii menu with you.

10 recipes from a week in paradise that you can make in your home.


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Kristina Roth


Kristina started off in New York – with a laptop and an idea – she went off to build a “Forbes Top 10 Fastest Growing Company.” Her thrill-seeking love affair with kiteboarding and snowboarding have taken her across the globe. Along the way she has met inspiring individuals.

I never thought what I was doing, how I was living my life, was extraordinary or anything remarkable,” states Kristina Roth.  “I was just doing my thing. But when I got the feedback from other women and finally started to see myself in the eyes of other people, I realized that I can use my positive influence to encourage women to start businesses and become a better version of themselves!”

Today, Kristina is on a mission to bring together badass women from around the world.

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