Just this year, SuperShe Jen Yih, went on a cross-continental surf trip. She started on the wintery waves of Portugal to steaming hot Mexico to Indonesia, Australia, and Hawaii! After over 100 days on the road and under the powerful sun, these are a few items she can’t surf without.

11 Travel Items Supershe Jen Yih Brings on Every Surf Trip

1 Manta Collection Swimwear

“I am obsessed with the moody late night skinny dip kind of style that Manta has established, it goes along with my love affair with the ocean.”

2 Dakine Surfboard Bag

“When it comes to anything sport, Dakine’s product team kicks ass putting quality first. Also, their out of Oregon, my home away from home.”

3 Sceptre Surf and Yoga Anti-Microbial Towel

“I was never big on beach towels, I used to just grab whatever was around. But I’ll support this company till the end and so should you because every towel is made out of 100% recycled materials, also anti-microbial so all sweat or surf and no stank!”

4 Smith Optics Questa Sunglasses

“Smith Optics opened up their archive collection and brought these back from the 1970’s with a fresh re-design. I’m all about the clear frames these days.”

5 Damn Daniel White Vans

“I always destroy these because I treat them like clogs or slip ons, you know, when you just crush the heal part of the shoe. Anyway, I love these, could use a new clean pair soon.”

6 Firewire Spitfire Surfboard

“This is one of the first boards I ever bought myself, I flew all the way to Orange county to personally pick it up from the Firewire warehouse. She’s a 6’6 Spitfire, pretty floaty but a guaranteed good time. Hey Firewire, if you read this, I could use a 6’4” x 19 inches!”

7 Mr. Zog’s Tropical Surf Wax

“Sex wax and a new can of tennis balls, two things I love the smell of.”

8 American Apparel Men’s Basic

White Tee “I don’t know if the first American Apparel tee I stole from a guy I was dating or where it came from, but I’m bulk ordering these. So comfy, so cute but I always manage to splatter balsamic vinegar on them.”

9 Coal Headwear “The Traveler” Hat

“I got this hat out of pure necessity to escape Australian and Indonesian sun, there’s a damn hole in the Ozone but I suppose its en trend if you care about that sort of thing.”

10 Badger Organic Zinc Oxide

“Skin protection is a must!!! I get the white kind, I really don’t understand colored and skin-colored zinc.”

11 Betadine First Aid Solution

“Cut your foot open on the reef in Indonesia one time and you’re going to be so glad you packed this.”

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