The perfect day on Maui for the first-timer or the fiftieth-timer. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler to Hawaii, or not, you’re looking to have a healthy, action-packed day experiencing magical Maui.


Paia Bay CoffeeStart your day with an amazing breakfast at the Paia Bay Coffee, tucked away in the surf town of Paia on Maui’s North Shore – perfect for an early start of a day full of activities!


If you want to get groceries, lunch or snacks for your trip around the island, stop by Mana Foods for fresh, local, organic, this store is a gem!


Maui is world-renown for its windsurfing and kiteboarding. Go get your gear at the Naish Pro Center in Kahului and head to Kanaha Beach Park for great riding! Unwritten rule though – any sport wearing a harness (windsurfing and kiting), don’t go out before 11am as the waves belong to the surfers.


In the winter months, make sure to reserve a boat and go whale watching. Sabine recommends the Pacific Whale Foundation.


Haleakala offers several gorgeous hikes. Sabine’s favorite is a 6 hour long trek that takes you down Sliding Sands and up Switchbacks. She recommends packing plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen.


Cafe Des Amis is a cozy and delicious cafe in Paia, serving sweet and savory crepes and curries, as well as the best Lilikoi margaritas.


The Andaz Hotel in Wailea is the perfect place to put your feet up and treat yourself to a holistic spa treatment. In fact, you can skip all of the above and use their facilities all day.


Whether you hiked, surfed, kited, or pampered all day, stay for dinner at the Andaz Hotel’s restaurant Morimoto’s.

Sabine’s Suggested Packing List Just For You:

  1. Maui Girl Bikini

  2. Havaianas Flip Flops

  3. Sunglasses: I have been wearing Knockaround’s quite a lot and the Frogskin from Oakley.

  4. Reads: I always have my Kindle on me…right now, reading the 5AM Miracle and all kinds of thrillers by Scandinavian authors.

  5. Camera: GoPro Hero 5 and iPhone

  6. Hawaiian Dictionary: you just need to be here for a bit to get the hang of it 😉 Better to experience the Hawaiian culture in person than reading about it in a book 😉

  7. One way ticket…yup, that’s what I have right now.

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