Rabbits, Robots, Ramen. I know, sounds strange. But three SuperShe’s flew through Tokyo & had 24 hours to run around the city in search of the best vegan ramen in an underground railway, pop into bizarre shops of robots and, well, rabbits.


If you’re flying into Tokyo, you must know that there are two major airports in the cities surrounding area.

  • Haneda is located just outside of Tokyo, closest to downtown.
  • Narita is located about 50 miles East of Tokyo.

If you’re flying into Haneda and have to make a connection to Narita you can expect to take an hour long train ride to Narita. Note!


Start your day with the warm and fuzzies. We literally mean warm & fuzzy, there are a series of animal cafes located throughout the city. From cat cafes to rabbit sanctuaries.

Mimi Rabbit Cafe

Ohisama Rabbit Cafe

Bird Zoo Bird Cafe

Kotori Cafe Bird Cafe

Nekoya Cat Cafe

Calico Cat Cafe


T’s Tan Tan
You’re in Tokyo, ramen is a must! But do it like a SuperShe, T’s Tan Tan is a vegan ramen spot located on the 1st floor of the Tokyo Station. If you’re taking the train coming from the Keiyo line, walk towards the JR Chuo line and you’ll see a lit sign that says “Keiyo Street” on your right. T’s Tan Tan is the last shop on the corner.

If ramen isn’t for you they have a variety of other vegan options, main courses and salads.

Open Monday-Sunday 7AM-11PM, last orders end at 10:30PM.

Or if you’re into dining in the future check out one of Tokyo’s many robot cafes.
Robot Restaurant located in Kabukicho is a one-of-a-kind cafe with robotic monsters, dancers, and lasers.


Four Seasons, located next to Grand Station.



Shibuya Square
Shibuya Square is one of the most famous areas of Tokyo & recognizable from around the world as hundred of pedestrians flood the intersection. All around Shibuya are more than 100 Japanese boutiques for a vast array of high fashion to disposable trends. Tokyu Food Show is a hop and a skip away with gourmet eats and local everything from grilled eel to octopus on a stick! Don’t forget the truly one-of-a-kind treats like mochi and jellied confections.

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