We’re women, we do it all. It’s our stresses & our anxieties that sometimes drive our relentless ambitions but some days, it drives us straight into a wall. We’ve curated a few healthy habits from the SuperShe community to help you disconnect from your day & allow you to recharge for tomorrow.


Unfortunately the era we live in is one that offers an overload of information. In the tap of two fingers you can figure find out what your best friend ate for breakfast, get caught up on the the refugee crisis in Syria, and order a bulk supply of toiletries on Amazon. It is just too much. Come home, turn your phone off for at least 2 hours. Disconnect and allow yourself to unravel. Sometimes the world can wait.


Baths have been a part of the human health regime since Scandinavians took cool water plunges. The Romans romanticized the bathtub. Being submerged in water helps with stress and anxiety. A bath can improve your skin, aid with muscle pain and aches, and produce better sleep. A heated bath before bed causes the body to relax by adjusting your body temperature and hormones. Add to your bath by introducing essential oils like lavender or lemongrass and Epsom salt. If you suffer from any chronic pain a saltwater bath reduces inflammation and swelling.


Give yourself the gift of a light all body work out, whether it is yoga, a jog, or lifting free weights. Physical activity increases blood flow and delivers more oxygen to your brain. An influx in oxygen helps the body de-stress while creating a shot of endorphins – the happy hormone into your body. An infrared sauna has a deeper effect than a traditional sauna for sweating. Benefits include: weight loss, producing healthy skin, detoxifying the body, and strengthening your immune system.


Don’t keep whatever is bothering you locked up. Whether it is a phone call to a trusted friend or simply writing down your worries into your personal journal. Let it out and recognize what has you wound up.


You’ve unplugged from your phone, email, social media, and television. Lose yourself in someone else’s story for a moment and maybe it’ll help you with your own. Recommended, listen to Alex Cruz Deep and Sexy Podcasts while taking a candlelit bath.

“Works for me everytime.”

– Kristina Roth

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