So if you identify as she, this social media platform is the place for you. Come hang with all of us and get your hands on all this good stuff:


  • Chat, audio call, and video call with up to 6 SuperShes at once.

  • Location services let you see SuperShes in your city or anywhere in the world.

  • Customizable member profiles let you share what you want to share

  • Ability to follow other members like any social platform

  • Ability to like, dislike, comment, and reply to comments on all posts


  • Members have unlimited access to daily video content—both live and pre-recorded, available for up to 24 hours—created by featured SuperShe experts, offering key insights on a variety of trending topics.

  • Members can post their own video content in areas that most interest them. Members can add upcoming classes to their schedules to keep track of their faves.


  • Members can discover entertaining articles and discussion boards about stuff you’re into or are dying to know about.

  • Members can write their own articles and stories, or lead discussions.


  • Members can earn an all-expenses-paid trip [including airfare] to SuperShe Island via activity on the app.

  • Members can earn “creds” to be redeemed for sweet swag from our SuperShe Shop via activity on the app.

  • Membership guarantees a specified discount in the SuperShe Shop, plus free shipping/returns.

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Get The App Get The App Get The App

Our App provides practical resources, authentic connections, and badass inspiration to all inspiration to all women and non-binary people. Finally: The resources, connections and inspo that actually benefit YOU.