SuperShe is here to give shes a place to learn every single day, to teach others new things, and to connect with countless other shes around the world. Take or host live video classes that will up your health and happiness game in these areas and more: fitness, cooking, finance, mental health, relationships, sex, and self-esteem. All in one place. All for shes. All by shes

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Watch daily live videos from experts in fields like fitness, nutrition, mental health, sexuality, love, finance, dance, and more!


Share your skills or thoughts with other SuperShe members by creating your own live videos or discussion posts.


Meet other shes from 154 countries using chat features, 6-way video calling, and the interactive map!


Get uncensored, out-of-the-box sex advice that will blow your mind.


Take daily workout classes ranging from HIIT to stretching, dance, barre, and more!


Level up your chef game with live video recipes, tips, and how-tos!

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I’ve been reading about SuperShe Island in Finland for nearly two years now, and am so excited that the island — and it’s incredible community of SuperShes — is now more accessible than ever. I love that this app captures the essence of the island’s spirit, being a safe haven for women and non-binary people to be/say/do/share whatever they want. I can’t wait to see how this app evolves and us with it!

Tina Goya

Supershe is Super Amazing ❤️. Such a great platform for inspirational content and provides a space for women to share their truth!

Keziah Jazmin

What an app!!! I have been anxiously awaiting the launch of this app, it is truly one of a kind and can’t wait to watch the community thrive! It will absolutely be part of my daily ritual.


O B S E S S E D 👏! This is such a fun and useful app ❤️ The community of women who are in this app are gonna rule the world one these days - they are all such girl bosses! So happy this app exists - it’s about time!!!

Madeline Yanni