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Want to Get Freaky in Your 4-Door?

Let’s begin with an oft-ignored amenity that comes in handy for an unforgettable in-car coitus: the sunroof. Yours doesn’t have to simply be the thing you accidentally leave open and only remember when it starts to downpour.

“There are great ways you can make use of the sunroof if you’ve got one,” says Donna Turner, a contributor for Volonté, the news and advice site from the chic Swedish sex toy company Lelo. “Have your partner sit in the passenger seat as you stand out of the sun roof with your feet on either side of your partner’s hips. Then wrap your thighs around their face like you’re sitting on his/her shoulders, but in reverse. This way, you may experience amazing oral sex while looking out of the top of the car.” Hopefully at a sunset coz that’d be romantic.

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