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First-Time Sex Stories…That Don’t Suck: Coming Alive with a Woman For the First Time


SuperShe • 7 months ago

Swiping your V-Card isn’t as simple as a one-click-buy on Amazon. It can be awkward. It can be weird. It can even be on a twin bed in your childhood bedroom. And it can totally fucking suck. But it can also rock your world, bust open your heart and light your bod on fire. Although we rarely hear the good stories (most first-time sex tales include a lot of fumbling, sweating and a corny-as-hell playlist), the good stories are out there. In fact, they’re right here. 

SuperShe is rolling out a coitus collection from women all over the world. A compilation of your best rites of passage. A gallery of getting it on. The Louvre of lovemaking, if you will. Buckle up because no detail is too graphic; no emotion is too raw. 

Just so we’re all on the same page, we’re here to read, laugh, gasp, and get weak-in-the-knees all over again with you—and, if we’re lucky, get a little turned on. We’re definitely never gonna judge or mock. Cool?

So kick back and enjoy these SuperShes’ first steamy moments that marked even more good times to come. And come. And come.  

Coming Alive with a Woman for the First Time

“We’re sitting at the back of the coffee shop, legs crossed toward each other. It’s near closing, we’re drinking tea, we’ve been inching closer to each other for the last half hour. She is cool, confident and out. We know each other as acquaintances—she was a year ahead of me in college, she’s friends with my ex-boyfriend; in fact, he’s the one who set us up. She’s assertive; speaks in short definitive sentences, holds my gaze just long enough to make my skin tingle. As our knees inch even closer, my body surges with anticipation, and I do everything I can to focus on our conversation. Her words cut through my daze, ‘Can I kiss you?’ I feel myself blush deeply, say ‘Yeah’, and then her lips are on mine, and they’re so much softer than I imagined, but probing, wanting, too. My heart is racing. She pulls back just enough to meet my eyes.‘Wanna come over?’ I nod.

Her apartment is two blocks away. We’re there in five minutes. She throws me on the bed; I notice her bright yellow nail polish and how confidently she puts her hands on me. Her shirt is off; I see her pierced nipple through her lace bra. I want it in my mouth immediately. She sees me looking, undoes her bra, straddles me. I feel the metal bar clink on my teeth as I suck. 

It’s too brief…she’s sitting up again and I’m taking my clothes off as fast I as I can. She reaches for a drawer in her bedside table, lays three dicks on her bed—medium, large, very large. ‘Your pick.’ I point to the large purple one, get woozy thinking about how it will feel inside me. I frantically take off my pants and underwear as I watch her fasten the buckles on a leather harness. She pulls on a black glove, lubes her fingers. I nod enthusiastically to the question she hasn’t even asked yet. 

Then her fingers are inside me and I’m closing my eyes, feeling feeling feeling. I’ve fantasized about being with a woman more times than I can keep track of and now it’s happening and I’m floating, my whole body buzzing with pleasure. She’s touching a part of me that’s awakening right now in this bedroom and this is it for me. I’ve never been more sure of anything. 

Now, she’s easing her fingers out of me and I lift my hips involuntarily, not wanting her to stop. Her hands massage the insides of my thighs. ‘Are you ready?’ I nod. I want her voraciously. Completely. I lift my hips as she enters me with the giant dildo and she fills me, easing the deep ache that’s been building all night. I close my eyes and let my head tilt back, feel her hand on my sternum, steadying me. This will be the part I remember the most. She stays with me, deep and steady, holding my gaze, until my orgasm builds and I come, wild, woozy, and in awe. She rubs my chest, kisses me lightly on the lips, smiles, says, ‘You’re fun.’ Later that night, I walk home in the crisp December air, floating, beaming, alive.”