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Coming Alive with a Woman For the First Time

“We’re sitting at the back of the coffee shop, it’s near closing, we’ve been inching closer to each other for the last half hour. She is cool, confident and out. We know each other as acquaintances — she was a year ahead of me in college, she’s friends with my ex-boyfriend; in fact, he set us up. She’s assertive; speaks in short definitive sentences, holds my gaze just long enough to make my skin tingle.

As our knees inch even closer, my body surges with anticipation, and I do everything I can to focus on our conversation. Her words cut through my daze, ‘Can I kiss you?’ I feel myself blush deeply, say ‘Yeah’, and then her lips are on mine, and they’re so much softer than I imagined, but probing, wanting, too. My heart is racing. She pulls back just enough to meet my eyes. ‘Wanna come over?’ I nod.”


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