We believe that self-powered is your superpower.

In short: you’re already awesome, and you’ve got that sugar, spice, and everything naughty and nice to do and get what you want in this life. So we’re not here to sell you products that promise the world and that you don’t need. And we’re definitely not here to tell you how to live your life or try to change anything about you. We are here to plunge you headfirst into a community of millions of people who identify as she and to give you the resources to stay healthy in this crazy world.

Diversity is in SuperShe’s DNA

Because all of the amazing stuff in life happens when you break out of your comfort zone and connect with people from different walks of life. Our community is made up of people from over 154 countries (so far), and we welcome anyone who identifies as she to join our judgement-free family. All ethnicities, religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, political beliefs, and ages (above 13, sorry kiddos) are encouraged to join us in embracing what makes each of us super.


Kristina sold her successful tech consulting company and bought SuperShe Island as a ladies-only retreat in 2017. She started hosting 10 women a week at her idyllic island home in 2018 and loved connecting with inspiring individuals from around the globe.


The number of super-amazing women out there is endless, and one eight-acre island can’t fit ‘em all. So Kristina launched the SuperShe app, a virtual island of sorts, where all people who identify as she can come together at once. In addition to being a motivational and inspirational powerhouse who isn’t afraid to do whatever the she sets her mind to, Kristina is a super-talented kiteboarder and beach babe. You’ll love her as much as we do, so download the SuperShe app and connect with her!


You can book the trip of your dreams to SuperShe Island, experiencing a getaway to a paradise that can accommodate 10 guests and is equipped with 4 newly renovated cabins, spa amenities, Finnish saunas, and exercise equipment.

SuperShe Escapes

If you’re craving the shes’ trip of your dreams, we also offer SuperShe Escapes with fellow members to drool-worthy destinations, like Turks and Caicos and Hawaii.


Your health is directly tied to your environment’s health. That’s why we make all our SuperShe swag in the most sustainable ways possible – and all our stuff is super cute and under $100.