Kristina, founder of SuperShe, sat down in Paris to interview the young founder of Studio Marant, Emily Marant. 

Emily Marant is much more than a French fashionista. For the French, fashion is a true expression of their culture. It’s on every street corner, ingrained in the DNA of every Parisian, and to Emily Marant fashion is not just clothes or an identity.

 “For us French, fashion is part of the culture.”

You may recognize the name Marant since Emily is the niece of world renowned designer Isabelle Marant. But don’t be misled by the fame of her aunt, Emily Marant is blazing her own trail as a woman in the fashion industry.

“You start a business because you’re passionate about something.”

During their sit-down interview at local Parisian Cafe de la Poste, she uncovered Emily’s inspirations, muses, and passion for not only fashion but world-view and what fashion means today.

“Fashion has become much more than just showing clothes or identity, it’s about saying something about our contemporary world.”

Emily made a strong statement that, “fashion can reflect economy and the modern era,” she remarks that today’s fashionable woman is healthy, fit, a mother, well-traveled, she has her own company and “definitely doesn’t smoke.” *laughs*

This fashion-forward economy is continuously evolving and being redefined; from the mini-skirt days of the 1970’s, an era full of radical self-expression, to Kate Moss positioning the white tee and blue jeans as sexy to today’s super woman who does it all… What’s next?

Emily Marant has recently launched her business Studio Marant. There’s three parts to her business: consulting, limited edition fashion, and an online store from curated designers.

“The best part for me is to meet the artists and the producers…we absorb and nourish ourselves from others.”

“The Studio Marant is an eco-system around Art , Fashion and Design. A Consulting platform for creative projects and collaborations; Innovate and build out executions to create a tailor-made offer for each project. The InspirationStore and multiples online stores, limited editions, collector’s items. Every six months, a thematic selection and event bring our community together.”

Le Studio Marant, un écho-système autour de l’Art, de la Mode et du Design. Plateforme de conseil pour les projets créatifs et les collaborations; Innover et construire hors cadres, créer une offre sur-mesure pour chaque projet. The Inspiration Store, la boutique en ligne des Multiples, éditions limités, collectors; Tous les six mois, une sélection thématique et des événements pour nous réunir.  

Studio Marant’s Inspiration Store features new themes every 6 months, currently on display is the theme of Eroticism.

So where does fashionista, Parisian, niece of one of the most coveted fashion designers find her inspiration.

“Marche Noir.”

Marche Noir has been deemed, possibly, the best vintage store in Paris. Original to Paris, it has an African flair bringing together a wildly refined style that serves as an inspiration hub to anyone. Pink-on-pink fitting room, large potted palms, pueblo patterns.

Vogue on Marche Noir, What could possibly be more interesting than Parisian style? Parisian style mixed with African style. That alchemical blend—with its push-pull between high and low, refinement and exuberance—defines the appeal of Marché Noir, a 6-month-old vintage and housewares boutique in the Marais that has already become something of a sourcebook for the city’s inspiration-hungry design teams, and where multiple Vogue editors recently found themselves shopping (and scoring) between shows at Paris Fashion Week.”

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