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First-Time Sex Stories…That Don’t Suck: High School Sweetheart Sex Sesh


SuperShe • 5 months ago

Swiping your V-Card isn’t as simple as a one-click-buy on Amazon. It can be awkward. It can be weird. It can even be on a twin bed in your childhood bedroom. And it can totally fucking suck. But it can also rock your world, bust open your heart and light your bod on fire. Although we rarely hear the good stories (most first-time sex tales include a lot of fumbling, sweating and a corny-as-hell playlist), the good stories are out there. In fact, they’re right here. 

SuperShe is rolling out a coitus collection from women all over the world. A compilation of your best rites of passage. A gallery of getting it on. The Louvre of lovemaking, if you will. Buckle up because no detail is too graphic; no emotion is too raw. 

Just so we’re all on the same page, we’re here to read, laugh, gasp, and get weak-in-the-knees all over again with you—and, if we’re lucky, get a little turned on. We’re definitely never gonna judge or mock. Cool?

So kick back and enjoy these SuperShes’ first steamy moments that marked even more good times to come. And come. And come.  

High School Sweetheart Sex Sesh

“It’s a week before senior prom. My boyfriend and I have talked about having sex before and have already done everything else. One night, I head over to his house after a sports team meeting to hang out. At this point in our relationship, he has started to just put the tip in, and it feels so good, so I really want to have sex. We’re hanging out in his basement on the couch, and then we start hooking up. He runs upstairs to get something, and when he comes back downstairs, he has a condom in hand. 

He places the condom on the table and says, ‘Just in case.’ We keep hooking up, and then I say, ‘OK, let’s do it,” and he asks, ‘Do what?’ 

‘Let’s have sex,’ I proclaim. And he carefully asks, ‘Are you sure?’ I reaffirm that I definitely am. Then he asks, ‘No, are you 100% sure?’ and I repeat, ‘Yes,’ touched by his sincerity and concern.

Then he kisses me, and it’s definitely one of our most memorable kisses. I’m still wearing my dress and don’t bother taking it off in the heat of the moment. We get into missionary, and it doesn’t hurt at all when he puts it in—partly because I’m so turned on and partly because he’s not super well-endowed. It feels so intimate and romantic, and while we’re having sex I come down with a serious case of the butterflies. We only try missionary, and then he pulls out and finishes into the condom, which he then hides inside an empty chip bag in his garbage. After he finishes, he kisses me and tells me he loves me, which feels pure and sweet. 

Looking back five years later, I’m so happy the person I lost my virginity to was someone who made sure I was 100% certain of my choice and comfortable with my decision. I loved him and had never felt that strongly about a boy before—and to be honest, I still haven’t felt that way about anyone else since. So I’m glad I can say my first time was with my high school boyfriend.”