Kristina Roth is a woman of the world. From Turks & Caicos to Hawaii from Germany to New York, catch her if you can. Somehow Kristina manages to beat her jet-lag and walk off the plane and into a meeting or onto the beach looking & feeling like a rockstar that made love to a supermodel. How does she stay rested, fashionable, and relaxed with her on-the-go lifestyle?

Here are 10 must-have items that Kristina Roth can’t travel anywhere without!

“I moved around a lot in the past 20 years (continent to continent, coast to coast) but when I started kiting and meeting these amazing women, that’s really when it all started.”

1 Rule #1 Hydrate on the Plane: Coconut Oil & Hauschka

Kristina purchases organic coconut oil from Whole Foods. She recommends the dual use of coconut oil for weight loss and as a full body moisturizer. She uses coconut oil on her skin, hair, face, and body. It’s the only oil that has molecules small enough to quickly absorb deep into the body. Drink water! Doctor Hauschka Hydration is her favorite organic line of spf cream, amazing value for the price and hydrating. Air in the plane is horrible. Hard on your skin.

2 Big Plans Means Big Bags

Kristina travels with an oversized black leather Gucci Signature bag. This is one of Gucci’s biggest baddest handbags. Kristina swears by it, being one of the most durable bags she’s owned. She’s carried it around the world from Paris to Tokyo and it fits everything she needs.

3 Sexy Comfort Black Woolford Leggings + Onzie Pants

Leggings are a traveler’s best friend, but Woolford leggings in particular are sexy, high quality, and they offer multiple thicknesses for both summer and winter travel. Onzie pants – keep it simple and keep it fashionable. Kristina swears these are the most comfortable, basic, and chic black pants.

4 Entertain Yourself with Bang + Olufsen Headphones and Audio Books

Noise-cancelling headphones that drown out the crying baby on the airplane, these are beautifully designed and high quality headphones. Listen in style.

5 Apple iPhone & iPad

We all have our own brand loyalty, Kristina’s is Apple everything. Her Apple iPad is essential on long flights to not only run SuperShe from the air but also catch up on her reading via audiobooks or Kindle.

6 Walk the Walk in Rag & Bone Boots

You can find Kristina running from one airport terminal to the other in quality-made, comfortable Rag and Bone Boots. Designed as a classic ankle boot, these boots are well-crafted and although a higher price point than other similarly designed boots, these are worth every penny. 3.5 inch heel, deep V designed on the upper, if you had to pick a heel to walk miles on cobblestone streets these would be the ones.

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