How can we offset going to the doctor and getting charged for that weird rash that keeps showing up or chronic tiredness or aches and pains? Invest in your health.

We’ve been trained to eat what’s quick and easy, efficient, and on-the-go. Americans don’t know about good, whole food and even if they do, who wants to spend $3.00 on an organic apple when you could pay .50 cents for a pesticide waxed covered apple or go thru the McDonald’s drive-thru and pay $5.00 for all-you-can-eat vs. the Whole Foods salad bar that cost all-of-your-paycheck. Health is wealth in America but how is that possible when only the wealthy can afford health?

1. Eat Clean, treat your body like a Tesla.

If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.
Sugar will kill you slowly.
Palm oil is enslaving people and ruining the planet.

Self-Educate, in the social media digital era we live in now, it is too easy to learn about the food we’re eating, how to make delicious recipes (on a budget), where and what to buy that is good for you and the planet.

Check out my girl @cultivatingcaro on Instagram, she’s an ex-tennis star & athlete who will give you clean fuel to make sure your body is running like a damn Tesla.

2. De-Stress

Ok, this one really gets to me. I don’t understand why we’ve been preconditioned to do everything faster, better, more interesting. It’s like everything is a competition and the more time you can shave off your day by automating things or buying that new gadget or downloading that app we seem to think it’ll make life easier – like Tinder, we’re too busy to fall in love, ya know? Anyway, ever think we’ve come to a point where we just don’t take pride or joy in the little tasks? What’s so gruelling about watering your plants or taking the dog for a nice walk or making time to go to yoga or get a $30 foot massage. It’s like taking care of yourself and the little things in your life we’ve been conditioned to feel guilty about. I know what you’re thinking, “Jen, no one has time for that. Places to be, mouths to feed, shit to do.” But in this day and age, there’s access, availability, and a dire need to self-care…you’re worthless to your employer if you haven’t slept in days because of your anxiety and your kids are going to hate you if you’re grumpy & stressed yelling at them to keep quiet or forcing an iPad into their faces because you “just can’t today”… We’ve got to change this culture. The information, access, people and places are out there, waiting for you… Slow down…

Go to a Yin Yoga class, it’s a slow moving class that will focus on the breath and allow gravity to do the work. Work on your patience & slowing down, if this class ends up being uncomfortable for you to get through, that might say a lot about your overly busy/booked/bogged down mind.

Hit the Spa before your stress kills you. Stress creates crazy chemical and hormonal reactions in your body, one’s that activate cancer and scary sh*t like that. It’s not worth it. Invest in your health and de-stressing before you end up at the doctor paying premiums on anti-anxiety, stress, and sleeping pills… If you’re a Portlander, check out Knot Springs at 33 NE 3rd Ave #565. They have an entire circuit for soaking pools, this is next level. Hot, warm, cold, freezing cold, sauna, steam room, spa. Go take an hour and put yourself in time out.

Meditate. It’s not what you think, sitting cross-legged on a pillow burning incense playing some weird Asian/zen music – I mean, if that’s your style go for it but meditation can mean a lot. It just means quieting your mind, calming down, focusing on the NOW – meaning now worrying about the past or anxious about the future. Take a time out. Maybe lay down and listen to music for 10 minutes before you go to bed to quiet your mind, go for a walk around your neighbourhood and just breathe, get into nature and focus on the beautiful things, unplug from social media and all that over-stimulation.

3. Be Curious

Something bringing you down? Waking up with a little rain cloud over you? Dislike something about yourself? Never seem to be satisfied? Disappointed in where you’re at or your job or your friends or relationship or overall life? Yeesh, that’s a big one. But seriously, it’s okay to question some things, don’t ignore that sh*t because that definitely won’t help the situation.

Ok, you don’t want to question EVERYTHING & fill yourself with self-doubt and beat the crap out of your self-esteem, BUT it’s okay, more than okay, to step back and reflect on the choices you’ve made, the people you surround yourself with, and where you’re at today. Check-in! The whole world goes to sleep tonight and wakes up tomorrow, a new day and a fresh start. It’s never too late to change some things about yourself and about your life. Recognize it, change it, and move on and be kind along the way. Don’t worry about what you said you were gonna do to other people or what your Instagram bio says about you – move on.

Health is wealth people and it doesn’t have to be saved for the wealthy. Health is so much more than the way your body looks or your blemishes or Instagrammable relationship – check-in with a holistic point-of-view: happiness, purpose, breath, awareness, forgiveness, faith, and your future.

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