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Surprising Ways to Get Frisky With Yourself

Solo sessions can, sometimes, feel more stale than steamy, more routine than risqué. If you’re finished trying to, well, finish by yourself with moves that are more outdated than a Backstreet Boys’ concert, we hear you. We all know variety keeps things interesting and these sexy surprises will keep you coming…and coming back for more. 

One steamy suggestion: listen to the erotic podcast Dipsea. “They’re little snippets of stories, and they’re told from the P.O.V. of the performers,” says Lisa Finn, New York-based sex educator and brand manager for the trendy sex shop, Babeland. You can listen to that on the train or car ride home to really get yourself in the mood, so once you’re in a private space, you can just ride off of that arousal from getting your brain there first.”

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