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Instagram Is Silencing Voices. It’s Time to Call Them Out.


SuperShe • 3 weeks ago

We tried to promote our Instagram post about Pride Month yesterday (the original image is the one attached to this story, BEFORE it was silenced), because we love the image and the message, and we felt that it should be seen by as many people as possible to spread positivity and awareness. But, according to Instagram, LGBTQ+ rights are a political issue that they don’t want to be promoted on their app. As a result, they rejected our promotion. Equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community is not the issue of one particular political party – it is an issue of humanity.

It is disgusting to refuse to promote a post that calls for everyone to celebrate and fight for their LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters solely because it appears to be in the realm of politics. Equal rights should not be a fight that’s divided by party lines, and it definitely should not be a fight that is stopped in its tracks because a social media platform like Instagram wants to avoid any publicity snafus from celebrities and big names in politics. When you have the power of a worldwide platform like Instagram does, using it to silence voices is so incredibly wrong – and also dangerous.

In a time when so many voices are being silenced – the voices of Black lives, LGBTQ+ lives, shes’ lives, and more – we can’t have the platforms we use and support working as agents of silence, too. SuperShe has always believed in amplifying voices, no matter how loud, raw, or painful they may be to the person who is hearing a voice’s story for the first time. Our app is uncensored, because a photo of a woman eating rainbow cake with a caption that promotes human rights should be celebrated, not hidden away. Our app is uncensored, because your stories and your voices matter more than “staying out of it” for the sake of reputation and funding. We’re disappointed, Instagram, but we are not surprised. Do better. We already are.

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