Nova is the founder of The 96815, yes that is the zip code for one of the most famous shorelines in the world – Waikiki, Hawaii – but also the name of her luxury lifestyle blog Nova’s tasteful lifestyle living & breathing the Aloha will keep you coming back to this website for more, and may tempt you to book your flights to Honolulu.


I’m a 30 something island girl who loves the salt, sand and sun. I have lived in Los Angeles, New York City,  eventually landing in exotic locales from Montauk to Mexico. My heart and home is in the place where I grew up for part of my life –  Hawaii!

Nova has been living in Hawaii for the past 5 years. What motivated or drew you to Hawaii?
Once you live here, it’s hard to imagine life anywhere else.

After living here for years, do you still feel that same love for the island or has it evolved or changed?
I come to appreciate it more and more everyday.

What’s your typical day off like?
Usually, I start the day off with some sort of outdoor physical activity, hit the beach in the afternoon and end the day with friends watching the sunset.  

If you could recommend one thing that a visitor to Waikiki area could not miss out on, what would it be?
Get in the water! Snorkel, surf, stand-up paddle, or sail. No matter what you do, you’ll be happy you did it.

Where’s your favorite breakfast spot?
I love Bills in Waikiki for their Ricotta Stuffed Banana Hotcakes.

Favorite coffee spot?
Ars in Diamond Head and just around the corner from my apartment.

Acai bowls? Is that overplayed, or are Banana bowls all the rage now?
Banana Bowls @ Banan are where it’s at!

Do you surf? Where?
I’m not the best, but I try! We normally go on the inside at Tonggs, a break in front of my sister’s house along the Gold Coast of Waikiki.

Name 6 items that are around you right now.
Hydro Flask, iPhone, Camera, coffee, Hawaii Magazine and last Sunday’s New York Times.

Can you tell us one thing about the history of Hawaii that maybe most people don’t know?
Waikiki was the playground for Hawaiian Royalty in the mid to late 1800’s.

Tell us about The 96815, what inspired such a beautiful blog, is that what you would call it?
Yes, it’s a lifestyle blog which draws inspiration from the gorgeous minutiae of my everyday life in Hawaii’s most famous zip code.

Who is your main photographer taking these stunning photos?
I take almost all the photos I’m not personally in. Luckily, I have a few talented photog friends who will snap some pics of me from time to time.

What’s your goal for The 96815?
To keep promoting people, places, and things unique to my neighborhood. I’m always down for a good collab!

Can you let us in on a sneak peek of what you might be doing next with The 96815 or anything you want to say to the SuperShe network?
I’d like to eventually cover all the Hawaiian Islands. Travel, write, photograph and share all Hawaii has to offer. SuperShe network, If you are coming to Hawaii, let’s connect!

Ok, enough about Hawaii, are there other places or travel destinations you love or recommend?
Mexico. From cities to coastlines, I love that country.

If you could live anywhere else, where would you live?

See more from Nova and The 96815 on Instagram @The96815

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