If we were to define a SuperShe, she would be creative, inspirational, multi-faceted, confident, full of beauty and drive that radiates from the inside out to all those around her. This SuperShe is caring, not only to herself, but everything and everyone. Our interview with Lucie is absolute magic, she embodies all of these traits with grace while balancing family, creativity, pride, and staying inspired.

We asked Lucy how she finds inspiration and creativity. She found that there’s no separation between the two, and the beauty of creativity is an inspiration in itself.

“Creativity, luckily finds me all the time. I feel that the ideas I realize in my work are only the overflowing crater on top a volcano of creativity. Sometimes I can churn out some ideas from the magma chamber and fire up a new project, but the pressure inside is growing faster than the occasional eruption can relieve. The overall beauty of creation. It is a gift that keeps on giving.”

For many creatives there’s a struggle between balancing paid work and staying creative. How do you bring creativity into your job?

“Being a photographer is a creative job, or rather, it can be one. The way the market has taken in the last decade or so leads to an ever shrinking creative space. I sometimes decline commercial commissions if I sense that the client does not want me to contribute anything whatsoever apart form my name. Sometimes one can bring creativity into a dull job only by refusing it.”

Relationships. How do you stay true to yourself while balancing your relationship with your kids, partners, clients, etcetera? As well as making sure you’re contributing to your art and craft, what out of your day 100% belongs to you?

“I feel like I am morphing into different selves depending not the situation and context.: a Mother, a Lover, and adult Child, a Businesswoman, a Loony Artist et al. Staying true to myself means to me not mixing up the various personae.”

“I don’t have a me time routine but with my work and my family, whatever I want to do for myself, it will probably happen between midnight and 3A.M. – this is the time when my children, my clients, and colleagues on my production team will hopefully have gone quiet for a few hours.”

With so little me time, do you have a self-care routine?

“I have so far been blessed with a healthy body and a healthy mind and I must admit I don’t waste too much energy on caring for either. When I feel that I have been burning the candle on both ends, a good night’s sleep will fix it for me.”

Do you have a SuperShe inspiration?

“I am prone to idealizing people I don’t know very well. I can feel impressed by somebody’s work and specs of her life I often do. But my heroines would rather be few ordinary women I know well personally, whose lives are fully and admirably well lived.”

What is the proudest thing your have done in the last three years?

“Giving birth to two children within the last two years is certainly the biggest thing in my life right now. Being a mother of five isn’t something I am proud of as such, but I like being able to be proud of my children.”

What is the most important lesson you are teaching your loved ones?

“Photography as I see is what the old Greeks called techne. This word implies craftsmanship as well as art and I like both parts to it. If I had another lifetime, I would certainly like to take up another craft and hope to be ablate develop myself into an artist craftswoman-carpentry sounds tempting.”

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