SuperShe sat down with the beautiful Keren in Tel Aviv to talk about women, entrepreneurs, and the unique life in Israel’s hottest city.

Keren is co-funding a venture launching this June 2017 called Penny Royalty.

“Penny Royalty is a crowdfunding platform that invests in different people’s careers like artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs. And we raise funds through investments from people all over the world. And once we reach successful amount of investments, we return the money to the community. By doing this, we are trying to create a new social-economic order and bring an alternative to what we all know today in our world.

…basically, we are trying to change the world.”

Crowd-funding has been an expanding business model with gaining popularity, but Penny Royalty is changing the game.
“What we are trying to do is actually change the social economic system by creating kind of a social engine by cutting the middle-class people. When people invest directly in people’s career and throughout the years you gain more power to the artist and entrepreneurs and musicians, and once they reach the success that they will return back to the community of followers.”


Keren tells us that Israel, like many places in the world is a male-dominated industry. But this is changing with the momentum of the start-up industry in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
“When I travel abroad usually I just go and walk and get to know the city. Just to get a sense of the streets. They’re many clubs, but I don’t know, it’s not really my scene and personally. Come over here and start a startup company that’s all I can say.”

Keren strongly believes in women. They should become entrepreneurs, be creative, and believe in their own ideas! Also, women in Israel unlike other nations train in the military…we were curious, as anyone would be, how that shapes an Israeli woman.
“Women should want to. That’s the best answer. To be creative and outrageous – to let yourself feel free – and once you push your idea outside, when you push your art outside, when you push everything that you have and you want to show it to the world, just go ahead and try and do it then that’s the only advice I can really give anyone.”

“I refused to go into the military. I think women are tough anywhere in the world I mean the consequences in life in our society and everything we go through and everything makes us even tougher actually.

Unfortunately, I mean it would be much nicer to have an easier life. I don’t think it’s a local thing, I think it’s kind of like a person who gets outside the box and they grow up into what they’re supposed to be – the label that someone decided for them. I am going outside of it I guess. Man or woman it doesn’t matter but it will be nice to see women getting out and doing things.

The project we’re creating is wonderful but I would like to live in a world that you don’t need to do it because you see women everywhere doing it like special events or for style…”


In Keren’s personal time she writes and creates music.
“The reason why I got into Penny Royalty was because I wrote two screenplays and I tried to make them into films and then I discovered it’s too much politics for me as an artist.”

We asked, how do you wind down?
“Crash down and sleep. And you know, I have a love life and other vices that you would consider is winding down. I have my friends and my lovers, and I try to find time to wind-down and not be so stressed. I’ve learned my lesson not to work all day.”

You don’t have something like some new-age yoga or meditation or anything like that?
No, no I’m a grunge girl, I don’t do that.”

So you’re pretty much hardcore, hardcore all the way?
“I mean, yeah. But I do it with a smile. I try not to take life too seriously. Everything I do, I dedicate myself fully to it. But I try to enjoy the ride I mean as much as I can. The little stuff that you try to look from an optimistic point of view, these are the best moments.”


Running a business, working on art and music, while maintaining a love life and all else that comes her way, Keren believes in celebrating our successes.
“I’ve learned that you should celebrate successes. I actually make my coworkers stop and celebrate with a glass of wine. Life is like riding a rollercoaster and you should stop and acknowledge everything that happens to you.”


Fashion to Keren is all about attitude & wearing your heart on your sleeve.
“Our brand is actually trying to state the obvious. If that’s their attitude toward life, people should wear it. To me we need to see more  t-shirts, you know like sentimental t-shirts. I mean in the 90s that that’s all that had here, so maybe it’s kind of like nostalgia, it’s an attitude issue I guess.”

In sum, wear your heart on your sleeve and love is provocative and destructive, participate in profit sharing and have a social impact if you can. And if you put all of that into a vita-mix, you’ll have Keren Israeli.

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