Marie de Villepin is a multi-faceted woman. A high profile model turned musician, singer, actress, and artist. Marie shows us how even in the busiest, most hectic times of our lives, we have to find and make space for what keeps us whole, sane, and, essentially, true to ourselves. From a young age, Marie was taken around the world & found herself in the heart and soul of the New York fashion industry. After years of growth and exploration, she has found herself through her art.

“Art, it keeps me sane.”

You may recognize her surname, Marie is the daughter of former Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin of France. Growing up as a diplomats daughter, she has lived a wildly extravagant life with infinite creations in the wings. Growing up on 4 different continents, she eventually landed in Paris after her modeling career.

Her recent interview with Kristina in Paris, gave us insight into not only the life, but mind of an artist.

Marie was born in the U.S. yet grew up living in India, Venezuela, and France.

“All my life I’ve been traveling.”

“At 17-18 I moved to New York, fell into the fashion thing, I got to live that life for a little bit but I was always drawn to writing music and painting.”

Marie stresses that even during her hectic schedule as a model, she continued the routine of painting and writing into her life. She was called to this artistic growth during her time in her small New York apartment, deciding what she was meant to do.

“The practice of having to do that…I had to develop that in a very small space.”

She stresses, “I have to have some hours of the day where I paint, write, and play music.”

Exploring and expressing her creativity has been retrofitted into Marie’s day since her fully-booked life as a model. Her art and music was, and is, the way she copes with life. Marie believes that we’re all struggling with a constant quest for that sense of inner peace.

“We all have our tricks. How do we use those things to move through life and feel good and grow?”

Marie’s simple philosophy for life involves self independence and finding joy in the things you are called to do.

“Love, I found so much love in the things I do. I try not to depend too much on others.”

As women, we feed off of one another. It is the soul of SuperShe to bring amazing women from around the globe in all different facets, industries, and perspectives in hope to shape each other.

“There’s a lot of women that shape me. Anne Sexton, the English poet. These women take me because they were going through things that I could never encompass. To understand struggles of other women…it’ a universe I can’t touch or grasp and I’m fascinated by women that have accomplished things that are out-of-the-box.”

Marie nods to the women out there that help her express feelings and beliefs that she herself could not bring to words or to her art – women that are thinking outside of the box and challenging each of us.

“When you’re born, you are dealt a hand of cards. Some are more lucky than others. It’s all about getting a better deck. So you go through life, exchanging cards, meeting people who all of a sudden reveal your hand. Sometimes you have a really good hand and you don’t even see it.”

Learn more about Marie at @mariedevillepin

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