SuperShe sat down with Marie Schneegans in Paris to get the inside scoop about how knocking on the doors of different apartments asking people if they wanted to have lunch became her full-time job.

“I decided to leave the banking world to create a mobile app where people can meet inside big companies.”

Marie has created an app targeted towards fortune 500 companies to incentivize their employees to dine together, get connected, and regardless if you work for L’Oreal in Paris you can meet up with other employees on your business trip to London. Not only does Never Eat Alone allow you to meet internal employees, you can meet up with people with your similar interests… Tennis? Fashion? French foodie?

“We use LinkedIn so we have your picture, and the position and the company and whether or not they provide confidences so we can match that person with someone else from that company. So if like next week you are going to London, you can schedule events or lunch with another employee in the company based in the London office. That’s not only people who are the head of the offices, but locations from all over the world.”

Marie mentions that launching an app is more challenging than perhaps launching an app in San Francisco where the market is used to it. App development is still newer to the French market & employees must be trained.

Aside from running Never Eat Alone, Marie lives in her dream city of Paris. She was born in Switzerland but from a family of French and German descent, a true European who floats around the continent.

“You should definitely, in the morning, at 6am, walk along the Seine and meditate. Take time for yourself and discover Paris.”

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Never Eat Alone currently has offices in New York and Paris.

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