Cacti covered dry deserts. Beaches with hot colored sunsets. Star gazing to lose yourself in.  Baja California is an absolute dream.

“Baja California is a unique piece of Mexico, still with its wild west roots and if you stay out of Cabo San Lucas, you could say undiscovered.”

– SuperShe Jen Yih


GOOD :: MARO’S SHRIMP HOUSE :: Seafood molcajete to die for.

BETTER :: INVITA :: Italian with a local twist, fantastic wine selection.

BEST :: SUNSET MONA LISA :: An unbeatable sunset view over fine dining, don’t forget to make a reservation.


THE GRAND SOLMAR :: 5-star everything for you and yours. A perfect place to spa and relax.


TODOS SANTOS :: A historic Mexican town.

PESCADERO ::  A small town with bakeries and cafes on your way to Todos Santos.

LA PAZ :: A two our metropolitan area from Cabo San Lucas.

LOS BARRILLES :: World class kiting and windsurfing.

“My first attempt to drive the West coastline in search of perfect surf was too good to be true. We surfed all day on secluded beach breaks, made the best crusty sun bleached friends who hadn’t found a shower in weeks, watched the sunset sleepy eyed, high from a day of sun & sea…


MOUNT SOLMAR :: You can access this breathtaking hike directly from the Naval Base near the Marina. There’s a gate near a dog training facility tended to by Enrique, if you’re polite he will let you into the hikes access point.


Surf along the west side of Baja at the famous Shipwrecks or San Pedrito, details about conditions and how to get there can be found on

“Ah Mexico, you wild beast, I love you.”

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