What You Can Do If You Can’t Protest


Vivien • 4 weeks ago

Whether it’s because of health risks, age, disabilities, mental health struggles, or anything else, taking part in protests right now might not be right for you. That’s O.K., and there are other ways you can take action to help. These are just a few:

  • Donate to the bail funds listed in yesterday’s story
  • Do your part and vote in your local, state, and federal elections. Your voice matters. Make it heard. Shape the future by showing up.
  • Call your senators and congresspeople and demand they do the right thing. Advocate for the cause by calling the people who have a direct hand in the laws that govern your country.

Not sure who your senator is or how to reach them? Check out this list of names and numbers, organized by state.

  • Take the time to listen to Black voices and stories. Educate yourself and support Black artists, authors, and activists.

You need to understand the community you’re advocating for in order to truly support its members. Just because you can’t be at the protests doesn’t mean you can’t take action.

Don’t be silent. Be the change.

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